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Hello, My name is Ester. I absolutley adore Jesus! He is the center of my life. I am nothing without him. He has allowed a dream of mine to come true. I've always wanted a little boutique. I've been praying for the right time, the time is now! I am the mother of 3. I love my children, they keep life so exciting. I homeschool and I have one in traditional school. I love to craft, it could be a full time job. I love it that much. I like sewing, baking, bow- making, and all things family! I am married to my highschool sweetheart, you can read about that on my other blog. www.loveinmyhouse.blogspot.com.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Unglued is getting GOOD!!! I am participating in a group study and I am enjoying it so much.  But what I am really enjoying is how God is really dealing with my "stuff"!!! He is putting me on the hot seat.  He is chiseling away all of my flaws and making a "Master's Piece".  I am so thankful.

Today while praying for the Mr. and all the other families that are praying for God to do a miracle I was so humbled.  The fact that we are able to pray to God and know that he is able to do beyond our imagination is so humbling.  I mean nothing is impossible for God. I know that our (my) struggles seem impossible at times, But God.........!!! God can do it.  There are days when I grow weary of praying for the Mr., especially when I can not see visible changes.  But that is not faith. By faith I mean faith in God to be God.  I don't want to be moved by my feelings or by what I can or can't see. I only want to be moved by the Word of God.  I know that God can change things he is changing me.  
I want salvation so bad for him.  I want it more than anything but I can't possibly want it more for him than God wants it for him.  God created him for HIS purpose.  I just get ahead of myself because I know that when God becomes the head his life he will be so much HAPPIER!!! (Not that he isn't happy but when you have Jesus there is another level of HAPPINESS)

I am pumping my brakes and I will continue to surrender to God and what he is doing in MY life.  Right now God is working on me and that's enough.

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  1. E luv you are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing.