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Hello, My name is Ester. I absolutley adore Jesus! He is the center of my life. I am nothing without him. He has allowed a dream of mine to come true. I've always wanted a little boutique. I've been praying for the right time, the time is now! I am the mother of 3. I love my children, they keep life so exciting. I homeschool and I have one in traditional school. I love to craft, it could be a full time job. I love it that much. I like sewing, baking, bow- making, and all things family! I am married to my highschool sweetheart, you can read about that on my other blog. www.loveinmyhouse.blogspot.com.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Opposition from an unlikely source!!

Just when I was going to let my hair down........  I tell you, distractions and irritations are sure to come.  I am so glad that I worked out to day, I was to tired to get worked up.  God knew I needed that run/walk today.  It zapped me!!! For the record, a lot of people will not agree to you or me praying for our spouse (or marriage).  They will think it's the most ridiculous thing ever, because it didn't work the first however many times.  They will say things that make you want to "spit fire", that may be a southern thing!! I encourage you and myself to know why you are choosing to stand on God's words for your family.  Here is my list.  I am sure I will think of more when I close this post or trying to keep the fire where it belongs
  1. God's words supports this ( I could stop here)
  2. I want salvation for him, I truly want him to experience God as his Lord (nothing is like life on this side)
  3. People are NASTY these days, I've heard dating stories -eeewww!! ( This is not to discourage my single friends, God has a mate just for you.) 
  4. He gave me my 3 blessings he's my babies daddy!
  5. He is honestly my best friend (maybe that's why we don't get along)
  6. Why would I want to train someone else on all my quirks, this has been a 15 year process!
  7. I have made an investment in him, my life.  He has shared some of the best times of my life.
  8.  He balances me, He is my opposite in a strange sorta way! He brings so much to they table that I don't have to offer.
  9. Lastly, I can't really imagine having another man over my girls at this age.  Seriously, I would now have to wait until they were out of the house.  They are pre-teen age with developing bodies and I just couldn't imagine having someone else here during this time.  My son is still young.
  10. Ok, so these pictures are a few more reasons:
Who else going to let me paint their feet for crazy craft projects?
 Or Roller Skate with the kids?  Well, I roller skate too!!
 He even dressed up and served tea at our daughter's tea party!!
I do NOT do rides at the fair, thank God for daring dad!!
Who else is going to happily paint "resurrection eggs", with a smile??? It's almost that time again!!

This is my short list, although I don't think I should have to defend this!! I know it's  hard for love ones who have seen and been through the struggles.  If you are truly concern that I am missing the mark, cover me in prayer.  Lots and lots of prayer.  Pray that my steps will be ordered by they Lord and that we are protected in the process!! God is faithful and I am in his hands. 

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