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Hello, My name is Ester. I absolutley adore Jesus! He is the center of my life. I am nothing without him. He has allowed a dream of mine to come true. I've always wanted a little boutique. I've been praying for the right time, the time is now! I am the mother of 3. I love my children, they keep life so exciting. I homeschool and I have one in traditional school. I love to craft, it could be a full time job. I love it that much. I like sewing, baking, bow- making, and all things family! I am married to my highschool sweetheart, you can read about that on my other blog. www.loveinmyhouse.blogspot.com.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Control, control

Control, control oh how I love the!!!! What  do I hate second to the devil, not feeling in control!!! It goes against my personality. I like to know what's happening and when. I'm a planner and I love being settled. 
Do you want to know what area I'm tested the most? Control.  You would think with a year learning how to trust God more, this would be a piece of cake. Haha. What's even worse is I hate making decisions (oxymoron, I know)!!! I'm in a season of decision that need to be made, moves that need to happen, and a host of other things!  I was up all night!! Tossing, turning and pondering just how God will work it all out. Overwhelmed to say the least!! I do know that God is faithful! My heart knows but my body refuses to listen in the midnight hour. What I learned from my year of trusting is that God listens, he's faithful, he cares, our timing is different and it isn't  easier! I'm still a rookie.

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