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Hello, My name is Ester. I absolutley adore Jesus! He is the center of my life. I am nothing without him. He has allowed a dream of mine to come true. I've always wanted a little boutique. I've been praying for the right time, the time is now! I am the mother of 3. I love my children, they keep life so exciting. I homeschool and I have one in traditional school. I love to craft, it could be a full time job. I love it that much. I like sewing, baking, bow- making, and all things family! I am married to my highschool sweetheart, you can read about that on my other blog. www.loveinmyhouse.blogspot.com.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Missing my blog!!!

I really want to be a great mom blogger.  I really enjoy it so much.  However, I feel really bad when I don't have a picture to share.  My phone takes horrible pictures.  Secondly, I barely have time to go potty.  I don't know when to sit down and write.  Lastly, I want to be transparent.  Sometimes though I think I would scare people away if they truly knew what was going on with me and my family.

Here are a few updates:
1. I put my oldest daughter in public school about a month ago. I hate it, middle school is sucking the life out of our family.  Our every waking moment seems to revolve around something school related.  I am in prayer about my decision, I think I missed God on this one.

2. We moved into a new house.  I love this little house. (Seriously little house)  It has the cutest kitchen window.

3. I have been prayerfully considering working full time.  However,it does not excite me, I love being home (part time) and taking care of my family.

4. The Mr. is testing every ounce of my salvation (seriously)!! He is living away from us.  Right now I am just praying that God will make himself known to the Mr. in an intimate way.  It makes me sad thinking about him not experiencing the Glory of God.   I care less about him being a great father, husband, friend and etc.  I really care that he gets himself in the will of God.  He needs salvation.

5. Last but not least, God is still God!!! He sits on a thrown.  We are victorious in every way.  This includes times of trials, test, and transition.  I love God so very much.  He loves me more that I love me (that's a lot).  He has made so many provisions for  my children and I.  I am so very thankful for HIM. 

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